Manifest Timer Feed

What this is, and why it's important: The best way to know if we are jumping is to check our Online Manifest Timer Feed! From anywhere in the world, or if you are just feeling too lazy to walk to one of the monitors on site, just visit this page to know when the next plane will take off. From left to right, this online feed tells you the plane, the load number, from which loading area it will take off, and how long before departure.   'Uppers' represent the winds' speed and direction at altitude (14,000 feet MSL), from which you can deduce the number of seconds between groups exiting the aircraft (so they are safely spaced in freefall and under canopy).

Not seeing any action? If you can't see the monitor feed below, chances are the dropzone is closed (Contact manifest to confirm 951-657-3904)

On weekdays, Skydive Perris promises at least one load per hour, no matter how many people are on it. If you'd like to see if we're busy, have a look at our live webcams


Note: This video stream may be delayed or freeze on some devices.  Skydive Perris will not be responsible for missed loads due to the information on this page.  Check the Dropzone monitors.

Click here to open only the timer in a new tab.

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