High Performance Landing Area

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After too many accidents in 2011, Skydive Perris stopped allowing high performance turns.  Though we believed this to be the right thing to do at that time, it broke our hearts to shut down an exciting discipline that our DZ played such a big role in developing.

There has been a great deal of growth and advancement in Canopy Piloting since then. New equipment and coaching programs have given enthusiastic canopy pilots a path to learn safely and advance their skills.  We are happy to announce that beginning December 12, 2020 there will be a new designated high performance landing area at Skydive Perris.

High Performance Landing Area

The high performance landing area is on the west side of the North Field and east of the runway. 

High performance turns, anything more than 90 degrees, are only allowed in the high performance landing area.  

Anyone doing high performance turns must: 

  • Have a minimum of a C license and 500 jumps.
  • Have received canopy coaching and approval from their coach that they were ready for high performance flying.
  •  Received approval from management.
  • Communicate with other jumpers on your load so that they know of your intention to do a high performance turn into the designated area. 
  • Fly your Base leg always from the East, never from the runway.
  • Be aware of all canopies landing in and around the area and potential traffic.
  • The first person down sets the landing direction.

As a high performance canopy pilot it is your responsibility to know when to swoop and more importantly when NOT TOO SWOOP.  Though we have designated a specific area for swooping we know it is always possible for other jumpers to make errors and fly into that area.  If there is any potential for canopy traffic high performance turns ARE NOT ALLOWED.  If you have any doubt you should do a standard pattern.


Interested in canopy coaching? Contact
* Daniel Mclaurin, Skydive Perris Chief AFFI and Flight1 Coach at Daniel@skydiveperris.com
* Dave Hebert, 
Canopy Coach at speedflyschool@gmail.com 
* Duane Hall, Canopy Coach at duane.hall84@yahoo.com 


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