High Performance Landing Area

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There has been a great deal of growth and advancement in Canopy Piloting since then. New equipment and coaching programs have given enthusiastic canopy pilots a path to learn safely and advance their skills.  We are happy to announce that beginning December 12, 2020, there will be a new designated high-performance landing area at Skydive Perris.

High Performance Landing Area

The high-performance landing area is on the west side of the North Field and east of the runway. 

High-performance turns, anything more than 90 degrees, are only allowed in the high-performance landing area.  

Anyone doing high-performance turns must: 

  • Have a minimum of a C license and 500 jumps.
  • Have received canopy coaching and approval from their coach that they were ready for high-performance flying.
  •  Received approval from management.
  • Communicate with other jumpers on your load so that they know of your intention to do a high-performance turn into the designated area. 
  • Fly your Base leg always from the East, never from the runway.
  • Be aware of potential traffic and canopies landing in and around the area.
  • The first person down sets the landing direction.

As a high-performance canopy pilot, it is your responsibility to know when to swoop and, more importantly, when NOT TO SWOOP.  Though we have designated a specific area for swooping, we know it is always possible for other jumpers to make errors and fly into that area.  If there is any potential for canopy traffic, high-performance turns ARE NOT ALLOWED.  If you have any doubts, you should do a standard pattern.


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