Gold State Gear

Whether you want to rent gear,
buy the latest accessory or the ultimate rig and canopy,
or just show off your skydiving apparel,
visit our on-site store GSG - a.k.a. Gold State Gear!

Phone: 1-858-633-4976
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Core Values

  • To act with integrity and honesty in everything that we do.
  • To go above and beyond for our customers.
  • To respect our environment, both socially and physically.
  • To assist our customers and employees in becoming the best, they possibly can be by pushing their physical and mental boundaries.
  • To be fearless in the pursuit of excellence.

What makes Gold State Gear different than its competitors

We do things other gear stores do not do. 

  1. Our Demo program and equipment rentals. Customers can choose from the most modern skydive containers and canopies on the market at either of our retail locations. We offer a full line of skydiving container and canopy manufacturers from which our customers can choose, which means that a customer can mix and match various containers and canopies. When a customer wants to purchase new gear, they can partake in our Demo program. The Demo program gives customers massively discounted rentals while safely downsizing to a wing that they will fly forever. 
  2. Adventure rentals. We want our customers to experience jumping out of helicopters, hot air balloons, and into events such as Burning Man. Gold State Gear is the only gear store that rents skydiving equipment solely for off-site adventure jumps. We encourage our customers to live their life to the fullest and want to help facilitate that! 
Family Owned Since 1976