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Events for April 21, 2024

Daily Events

FUZION Flight Freefly Skills Camp – SIS Edition

FUZION Flight is on a mission to support balance of vertical and dynamic progression. Join us for this year's SIS Boogie at Skydive Perris! This freefly skills camp aims to […]

Perris SIS Boogie

This year’s Sisters In Skydiving event at Skydive Perris will bring in awesome aircraft, organizers, discounted jump tickets, raffles/giveaways, pajama party, huge landing areas, and more!   Friday and Saturday, […]

Canopy Coaching by Jeannie and Curt Bartholomew

  Come get your learn on with Alter Ego. We are excited to continue to educate skydivers all over the world on safe canopy piloting! It doesn't matter what skill […]

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