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Formations commonly used by the Perris Organizers


chunk 1.jpgchunk 2.jpgExit Chunk

Least experienced person is rear float, next is inside front, next is inside rear, most is front float.

Rear float: hold the bar with both hands, stand up straight, don't lean or crouch, just let go and fly.

Inside front: hold arm grippers of floater's left arm, right arm up, jump UP  and out. Do NOT be late (early is better).

Inside rear: hold inside front's legstrap (not gripper), hold rear float's right arm gripper. Exit straight out, present and put the inside front person above you.

Front float: take rear float's left legstrap, give a good count, present hard and make it happen, sometimes spinning it counter clockwise can save it from bad timing / presentation.


donut L.jpgDonut (Left Hand)







DonuDonut R.jpgt (Right Hand)









A 2 way star with side-bodies on opposite sides.







A 2 way compressed with side-bodies attached







Sometimes called a round. Possibly, the most basic of formations, every one just holds hands.  






Both Hands on legs, inside grips shown, but any combination of inside & outside are ok






Compressed accordion.jpgCompressed Accordion

Hands to legs, bodies parallel






Open Accordion.jpgOpen Accordion

Just back up from the Compressed version...







Leg with one hand, other hand holds you partner.







Hold the side of the body 






Stairstep 1.jpgStairstep 2.jpgStairstep

Hand to leg, parallel







Two jumpers hand gripping each other, and hand gripping legs of the formation.






Stinger : Slot Flake.jpgStinger / Slot-Flake


Stinger:A jumper gripping the legs of two jumpers, looking through their hand grips. Called a "stinger" when the two are part of a zipper.

Slot flake: A jumper gripping the legs of two jumpers, looking through their hand grips. Called slot flake when the two are part of a loop or round.



Diamond Opposed.jpgStairstep Diamond.jpgTrue Diamond.jpg

Diamonds - Opposed, Stairstep, True

They May be a girls best friend, but they also make great building blocks for larger formations.

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