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This is Good

This is Bad

This is Ugly

(as in "MAY KILL YOU") 

Chest Strap

Chest strap - Good

Good Chest Strap

Chest Strap see metal on top of strap. excess stowed. tightened snugly, but allows movement and breathing

Chest strap - Bad

Bad Chest Strap Bad Chest Strap

Buckled correctly, but un-stowed excess will beat you in free-fall 

Chest strap - Ugly

Ugly Chest Strap

Not locked in buckle will slip allowing you to fall out of harness on deployment


RSL - Good

Good RSL

RSL on ring and clear to reserve

RSL - Bad


Ok, if you don't want to use the rsl, but like this it will do nothing.

RSL - Ugly

Ugly RSL 1

Can jam and prevent main release

RSL Ugly 2

Guaranteed to jam
and not allow main release

RSL Ugly 3

Under reserve, riser can jam.

3-Ring Release system

3-ring - Good

Good 3-Ring

3 ring correct ( like a snow man)

3-ring - Bad



Nothing bad, all ugly!

3-ring - Ugly

Ugly 3-Ring

Little ring through big one puts the entire load on little ring, can cause riser break

Ugly 3-Ring

Loop not through cable grommet can cause unplanned main release

Ugly 3-Ring

Cable back through the loop can jam, causing impossible cut away

Cutaway Pillow

Cutaway - Good

Good Cutaway pillow

Cut away pillow correct

Cutaway - Bad

Bad Cutaway Pillow

Unsecured and difficult to find 

Cutaway - Ugly

Ugly Cutaway Pillow

Folded under, impossible to find

Reserve Handle

Reserve - Good

Good reserve handle

Reserve correct 

Reserve - Bad

Bad reserve handle

Loose and difficult to find,
may catch on something 

Reserve - Ugly

Ugly  reserve handle

Folded under, impossible to find

Ugly Reserve Handle

Cable too short, arching may deploy

Main Handle

Main - Good

Good Main Handle

Main handle correct

Main - Bad

Bad Main Handle

Stuffed inside, difficult to dig out 

Main - Ugly

Ugly Main Handle

Hanging out,
probable pre-mature deployment

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