Insurance Requirements For Filming At Skydive Perris

Thank you for choosing Skydive Perris to provide the airlift and skydiving expertise for your filming needs.  As is standard operating procedure, there will be an exchange of insurance certificates between your company and ours.

We can add your company and any associated companies as an additional insured to our Aircraft Aviation Liability policy.  The Aircraft Insurance Liability Policy has the following limits of coverage:

$1,000,000 in third party liability (excluding passenger liability) The Insurance is provided through Lloyd’s of London.  We can provide a waiver of subrogation for damages arising out of the negligence of our Insured.  Because we are a skydiving operation, the above limits are the most that are available to us.  Higher limits are simply not available for jump aircraft even for an additional premium.

We do not have passenger coverage available and everyone who rides on the plane including skydivers and film crew, must sign Skydive Perris’ standard liability waiver.

In return for the above we require that you do the exact same thing for Skydive Perris.

Please add the following related companies and subsidiaries to the production company’s Commercial General Liability Policy:

Perris Valley Aviation Services, Inc., dba Skydive Perris
Perris Valley Airport, Inc.
Perris Valley Skydiving School, Inc.
PM Leasing, Inc

You can use the same address for all entities:

2091 Goetz Road
Perris, CA 92570

Please e-mail your certificate and any required endorsements to our insurance agent, Jeff Norris, at: and copy

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