WELCOME BACK! We are excited that you want to fly with us.  We are the only drop zone in Southern California that has a vertical wind tunnel on the premises.  We can offer you the incredible experience of tunnel time and skydiving all at the same location.  After you're done flying in the tunnel grab a bite to eat at our full restaurant & bar, do some shopping at our gear store, or just lounge by our swimming pool and watch the skydivers play.

As an experienced skydiver, you’ll enjoy our special savings!

Our Skydiver Pricing

You must have a current USPA membership or verification from your Skydiving school to be eligible for these rates. 

There is no standby time.

Coaching is available.

Exciting News!!!! Block time rates coming soon!

Unfortunately, this service cannot be booked online.  Call 844.488.6635 or email us today to book your flight.   

Tunnel Coaching

Skydive Perris offers some of the most experienced and professional instructors in the world for all your tunnel training needs.

What you can learn

  • Freefly, bellyfly, whatever your need, coaching is always tailored to the individual student.

Tunnel training allows for fast and effective learning

  • Advancement is significantly faster and flyers become far more proficient in every aspect of three-dimensional flight.

What you can expect

  • Pre-flight briefing with your coach
  • Delayed video review during breaks (Our system plays your last session video in the ante-chamber, so you can review your performance with your coach before your next session)
  • Debriefing with your coach
  • A plan to help you continue to grow as a skydiver.
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