Skydive Perris is Re-Opening on May 30th!!


Please click HERE to read the Skydive Perris COVID-19 SOPs BEFORE you come the drop zone.

Current Licensed jumpers and those needing essential re-currency training are invited to join us.

We are offering free re-currency training on May 30 and 31.  Please email if you will be attending.

We're going to start off weekends only but expect to be adding days very shortly.

We are making plans to get our students who are in the middle of AFF and those working towards their "A" License back in the air as soon as possible.

Be sure your gear is in date and that you have money on account so that we can limit traffic in the manifest.

Keep an eye on the website for further details.




FREE Skydiving Training - January 10th

Plan on spending the day with us on January 10th and meet your favorite influencers and receive all the ground training needed to become a licensed skydiver for free!  There is no obligation to jump but we know you'll want to.

(Tunnel training ($40) required before first jump, and subsequent jumps not included.) (See Accelerated Freefall Course requirements and FAQ's HERE)

The Skydive Perris Genesis Project (General Overview)


The Skydive Perris Genesis Project is the first of it’s kind in the skydiving industry.  The goal of the project is to increase exposure and awareness of skydiving in general and the exposure of Skydive Perris to the general public, to create a new culture of bonded skydivers at Skydive Perris and across the nation, and to increase the awareness and exposure of the participating influencers to their followers and the followers of all other participants in the program.  This will be achieved by creating and cross promoting dynamic and exciting content across all participants’ respective platforms.

The Genesis Project will consist of ten highly influential social media influencers and celebrities and also a mix of 20 new to mid level influencers and members of the general public each with their own substantial audience of followers who will chronicle the experience together.


For our chosen participants we will offer a special Accelerated Freefall Course which will include all training, equipment, and skydives necessary to become a skydiver cleared for freefall self supervision. (Click Here to see all Accelerated Freefall Level Videos)


The Genesis project will consist of initial ground school training on a Thursday with subsequent jumps to complete the program on the following 5-7 days as needed.  (Influencer's only required to attend following jumping days, other participants may make their jumps as schedule allows)  


Requirements for influencers and celebrities will be (but not limited to) chronicling their progression throughout the program via status updates, stories, hashtags, video chronicling and other forms of content creation.  Cross promotion with other influencers in the program and with Skydive Perris is mandatory.  We are selecting influencers and celebrities strategically for their strength on their individual platforms, their target demographic of followers, and overall strength of reach. 


When combining the individual platforms of the participants, with the platforms of the Genesis class of influencers as a whole; participants will not only be reaching their own target audience but the combined audience of the entirety of the class simultaneously. 


If a participant has a weak YouTube presence but an outstanding presence in Instagram and another is strong in their YouTube but weak in Instagram they will be able to grow and strengthen their respective platforms exponentionally and simultaneously through cross promotion of all participants social media outlets.  This will serve to grow each brand exponentially, to increase ones exposure to different demographics that may not have previously been captured, and provide an excellent opportunity to be able to provide dynamic content for the participants channels.


The following diagram depicts the potential reach of  a single participant when combined with the multiple platforms of the whole from the class.

Genesis Influencer Reach diagram.png

During the Genesis project we will have several sub-concepts that we will be focusing on to increase interest and virility across all platforms during content creation to include but is not limited to: a “Battle of The Sexes” competition between Male and Female influencers or a “Millenials vs. Gen X’ers” types of competition and challenges to see who are the better skydivers or who has quicker or better success in the program or who just creates better content with better engagement.


To elaborate further on the entire ongoing structure of the program read below:

The Genesis class will also be split into 5 groups or “families” of 6 people from the class in each family with two influencers being “Heads of the Family” for their group of 6 people spurring additional competition and social structure opportunities from within the Genesis class for future reference.  It is paramount that each family and the members of the family are assigned a mentor on day one to help them become familiar with the facilities, the program, and to just help ease the intimidation factors many new jumpers face when beginning their skydiving careers.


These 5 groups or “families” will be the original (Alpha Level) families of the Genesis program and subsequent classes and individuals will have a similar breakdown and will become part of the Skydive Perris Genesis program as a whole and assigned respectively into the five original families.  This will serve to create a social structure of the Genesis group as a whole and several sub-cultures within the program using the "family" concept.  See the diagram below for a brief overview of the social structure of the Genesis program.

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