Skydive Perris is Re-Opening on May 30th!!


Please click HERE to read the Skydive Perris COVID-19 SOPs BEFORE you come the drop zone.

Current Licensed jumpers and those needing essential re-currency training are invited to join us.

We are offering free re-currency training on May 30 and 31.  Please email if you will be attending.

We're going to start off weekends only but expect to be adding days very shortly.

We are making plans to get our students who are in the middle of AFF and those working towards their "A" License back in the air as soon as possible.

Be sure your gear is in date and that you have money on account so that we can limit traffic in the manifest.

Keep an eye on the website for further details.


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Skydive Perris Social Media





Mizziel Serra

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Based in Los Angeles, California, Mizziel (pronounced My-Shell) is a content creator, TV host, stunt performer, published model and adventurer.She travels the world on motorcycles and has extreme  adventures! She is a co-owner of @theflowstate, in which She believes in living an exciting lifestyle while her goal is to inspire others to go out and explore this beautiful world and also empower females to be braver and stronger than ever before.

Dean Unglert

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Dean is best known for his appearances on the reality shows "The Bachelorette" where he was one of the final 4 contestants, "Bachelor in Paradise", and "The Bachelor Winter Games"  Dean also hosts a popular podcast entitled "Help! I suck at dating with Dean, Vanessa, and Jared.


Keahu Kahuanui

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Actor, photographer, creative director. Known most notably for his role as Danny Mahealani on MTV’s Teen Wolf, Keahu is a renaissance craftsman, avid cyclist and adrenaline junkie.

Based in New York City. From Honolulu, Oahu, Hawai'i. 
His name is pronounced: Kay-ah-who Ka-who-ah-new-ee

Travis DesLaurier

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ig.png954,000twitter.png14,500yt.png30,971fb.png1.17 MIL

Travis Owned and Operated a large construction company in Canada for 10 years.  Travis started pursuing avenues in the social media realm just a few short years ago and quickly grew his following to 2.5 million followers. Travis then closed his businesses, moved to LA, and collaborated with others  and focused on learning about the entertainment industry. He is an animal lover and has live hosted several events for animal shelters while raising a substantial amount of money for them. 

Travis has just finished shooting 4 feature films in a row and has several more projects coming up in the very near future so stay tuned. He has also written two short films and has just finished his first directed/written/edited short film “CAN’T SLEEP”.

Travis has recently shot a national commercial with WETV, has excellent comedic timing, improvs at UCB, and is proficient in stunt and fight training,

Travis is rapidly growing as an actor and spends a lot of time creating his own comedic skits for his social media platforms.


Jose Delossantos

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Former Personal Chef of FaZe Clan, Jose became a talent by being a part of the Youtube videos and skits of the Main Members of FaZe Clan.  Jose can also be found in content with Foodbeast. Where they interviewed him and he came up with a recipe with Cup Noodles Soup. You can see that video Here. 

Karisma Collins

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Karisma is Canadian born currently living in Los Angeles. She has abilities in many different artistic forms, including singing, dancing, acting and painting. With over 2 million followers across all of her socials media platforms she has had the opportunity to share her talents and life with the world. Karisma has a passion to empower young women to have confidence in themselves and to pursue their dreams. She loves to adventure and travel and is connected to several charities such as justice speaks and LA mission. 


Judy Moreno

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Judy says that she's just a girl from Spain who always dreamed of coming to Los Angeles and when she got the opportunity she jumped on it.  Judy said, "It was hard at the beginning being out of my comfort zone by myself, but you can achieve whatever you want in life if you work hard for it and you really want it with all your heart".

Since Judy has moved here she states that she has grown as a person and every day has been a constant challenge which she loves.  She believes that our purpose in life is to evolve and grow in every aspect that we can.

Judy loves to work out and stay healthy and loves to spread that mentality, her positivity, and to share her passions with others.  Her goal is to inspire others to have a healthy life both physically and mentally.

Michael Manfre

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I'm just a boy from New Jersey who had a passion and chased it. I had set goals for myself, one of them being to help give people everywhere the confidence and courage to be who they are and be accepted for following their hearts. I grew from 0 to 1,000,000 subscribers whom I refer to as "Locals" on my YouTube channel in 366 days, with over 400 uploads and 150,000,000 views spread across them. I've raised money and contributed to Breast Cancer Research charities with the help of my fanbase and plan to help out more in the future. I recently skydived for the first time and I am extremely eager to get my license and travel and view the world from 13,000 feet above the ground.

Check out my merchandise line here


Jaymi Westra

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Jaymi Westra


Meet Our Genesis Project Mentors


Devrey LaRiccia

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Devrey is our lead mentor and the driving force behind our mentorship program overseeing our Genesis mentors.

Devrey is a Senior Parachute Rigger who has a passion for working with students and experienced jumpers alike to help increase their skydiving knowledge and add to their extraordinary experiences in our sport. Some of Devrey's favorite things about being a skydiver are the opportunities she gets to be surrounded by such amazing people and the experiences she forms with them.  Devrey has 350 jumps and a USPA Coach Rating. When she's not skydiving you can find her rock-climbing, hiking, traveling, beach-going, and some of her favorite days are spent netflixing the day away.

Jared Andrew Hughes

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Jared Andrew Hughes is a dancer, stunt man, and content creator based in Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in Canton, OH. Growing up, his main focus was his acting and ballroom dancing career. In 2009 he was competing as a top ballroom dancer. In 2011 he moved to Los Angeles to purse his passions in the commercial industry. Over the course he fell into a stunt career in film. He has since been on several tv shows and films including “the last ship” and “Veronica Mars”. Through his stunt career he puts a focus on extreme sports which led him into skydiving. He is the 2nd person in the USA to get a tattoo while skydiving. He is also the co-founder of “The Flowstate” with Mizziel. Together they started a social media channel with the focus of motivating and inspiring people to live their best lives as well as giving back to communities all around the world. They do this through creating inspiring content with the focus in extreme sports and traveling. 


Freddy Chase

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Freddy chase currently Lives in Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA

He’s is and extreme sport content creator and model.  Freddy's passions are skydiving, snowboarding, surfing, and motorcross.

Freddy is a professional flair bartender and works at some of the most high end night clubs in the country.

Jake Reardon

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Jake is a passionate skydiver who is very motivated to pass on his energy and great vibes through life, and to our Genesis participants.  Jake is super passionate about the project and completely understands the vision of the Genesis Project and can't wait to share it with you.


Craig Miller

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 Craig served as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps from 2014-2018 and was deployed twice in support of Operation Inherent resolve.

 He served as an infantry squad leader in Gunfighter Company, in 2/7 in 29 palms, CA. and his additional billets were as a fast rope master, and a joint fires observer.

Craig's decorations include a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, a Certificate of Commendation, and 3 Meritorious Masts.      

After his service with the USMC ended Craig has become a nationally registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and jumps regularly at Skydive Perris. 


Meet the Genesis Project Supporting Cast and Production Crew 

Celine Pelletier

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Celine has been part of the Skydive Perris Family for about 7 years, first as a junior jumper visiting from Canada, then as the person in charge of Social Media Marketing and some of the events at the Dropzone. With her 2000+ jumps, her coach rating and her contagious smile she is always happy to help new jumpers growing in the sport, especially when it comes to Big Ways. She holds many National and World records, the largest one being a two-point 219-way!


Girvan "Swirv" Bramble

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Girvan Bramble aka Swirv is a professional dancer/trickster and stuntman. He also speaks Japanese and Korean fluently, and some Spanish as well.

He lived 3 years in Korea from 2010-13, and for the year 2014 traveled through South East Asia, South America, and Europe . This led him to create the channel "The Break Away" to teach people how to travel the world for cheap while giving Travel tips. Due to the pursuits of his career and passion for adventure, he was led into the world of skydiving, falling in love with the sport, and now travels with the goal of being able to skydive in drop zones all over the world. 

Ben Cook

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Ben Cook is the Founder and CEO of Hangar24 Brewing and is a major sponsor of the Genesis Project.  He will be going through the program to acquire his license with the rest of the Genesis class in addition to sponsoring the project.

  Hangar 24 began its craft brewing exploration with a true passion for good beer, the absolute love of flying and the pure enjoyment of being around great friends. My buddies and I used to meet at hangar No. 24 at the Redlands Municipal Airport, after an afternoon of flying, to trade stories, talk aviation, play music and share a few cold ones that were recently home brewed. These days, the location of where the beers are brewed has changed, but the quality time spent enjoying a delicious, handcrafted beer and conversation with friends is the same as ever. I personally want to invite you to join the adventure. Cheers!


Ward Hessig

Ward on LinkedIN

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Ward is the Marketing Director for Skydive Perris and the Genesis Project is his brainchild.  He hopes to create a new standard in skydiving instructional methods and promote a new collaborative culture among content creators and future skydivers with the project.  He's an active skydiver and instructor with 14,000+ skydives and holds all skydiving instructional ratings, a master rigger rating from the Federal Aviation Administration, and a Professional Exhibition Demonstration Rating from the USPA

Family Owned Since 1976