Prices, Packages, & Specials

° The Twin Otter will fly non-stop all day every weekday until February 28. Get those jumps in! °

° POSSIBLE restrictions for Horizontal Flying and Hop n' Pops on 2/13-14, 2/20-24, 2/27-3/3 °

Prices, Packages, & Specials

Jump Tickets
Solo Jump (licensed jumpers)
$33 cash, $34 credit
Specialty aircraft - when available
High Altitude
1st Saturday of the month, early AM - when available
Military Discount
Solo Jump (licensed jumpers)
$31 cash, $32 credit

Please present your Military ID at Manifest

We offer special rates for team training, please contact our DZ manager, Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

Bulk Tickets
10 tickets
Bulk Tickets
25 tickets
Bulk Tickets
50 tickets

* Bulk tickets effective starting February 4, 2023 *

Did you know?


When you bring a friend to do a tandem jump, you get a $10 discount voucher to use on your next solo jump!

When we publish 2 of your photos (or 2 videos, or 1 edited video), you get a free jump ticket!

When we publish an album with 6 or more of your photos, you get 3 jump tickets!

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