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Night jump skydive

Night jumps recommendations and requirements



  • Clear goggles or visor (non-tinted)
  • Light colored jumpsuit
  • Cell phones (for off DZ landings)
  • Small flashlight (to check canopy)
  • Lighted altimeter (or small chem light to illuminate it)
  • Whistle to warn other jumpers under canopy, or to aid rescuers in locating lost or injured jumpers.
  • If you have been jumping during the day, it is advisable to turn off your AAD and turn it on just prior to the night jumps. AAD’s may turn off automatically if they’ve reached the end of their cycle. 
  • Turn off AAD’s after you are done with night jumps to avoid the chance of having your AAD turn off while jumping the next day (Cypres and Vigil AAD’s automatically shut off after 14 hours)



  • Strobe light visible for three statute miles 
  • Chem lights, 4” or 6”, red & green, (2-3 of ea.)
  • Immediately check in with manifest after jump prior to packing 
  • Perris Organizers will have strobe light and glow sticks (red & green for rent at $10 a pack ($20 dollars deposit )
  • For electric glow sticks, go to LifeGear for information. Life Gear has a combination glow stick, flashlight and whistle all in one. These can also be purchased at Sport Chalet and other sports stores.

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