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How Scary is Skydiving, Really?

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Maybe at the thought of skydiving your eyes dilate, your skin begins to feel a little clammy, and your mouth becomes chalky and dry. But, maybe, just maybe, there’s a bit of you that perks up at the idea. You think to yourself a little thrill could be the perfect way to take a break from the routine of the day to day.

And, we think you’re right.

It’s not unusual to seek out the buzz of excitement or to relish feeling the slight stirrings of fear.

There are several components of your skydiving experience, and admittedly, a few might be considered “scary.” Though, it’s really a lack of information, the fear of the unknown that makes it so.

Take-off Terror

There are those few moments as the plane shudders to life and lifts from the runway, where you might let your mind wander to the “what-ifs.”

While take-offs and landings are where plane incidents are most likely to occur, properly maintained aircraft and well-trained experienced, like the one’s at Skydive Perris, significantly decrease the likelihood of this already fairly unlikely event.

Because there Is no other way to get you to the height you need to skydive, we try to get this part of the process out of the way as quickly as possible. At Skydive Perris, we utilize skydiving aircraft that are twin turbine engine design for a swift, safe ride to altitude.

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Anxiety at Altitude

Some imagine the higher you soar across the sky, the more your anxiety will grow. Though, usually, this is not the case. Perspective is everything. Typically, the view from 12,500 feet isn’t as troublesome as you’d imagine. At this height, there is nothing relative to you, and thus, your brain has nothing to compare the height to. Without a point of reference, your brain is unable to triangulate your position. Unless you zip past a big puffy cloud, you won’t realize how high you are or how fast you are moving, and the whole thing will seem a bit unreal.

Door Fear

As the door slides open and you shift your weight forward toward the wild blue yonder, you realize it’s time, and you freeze. Your breath comes in short rapid bursts, and you can’t quite convince your legs to move. Mentally, fear can cause your brain to lock up just as readily as it puts you on your toes, heightening your senses. If you do find yourself frozen with fear, pause. See your fear for what it is—a fear of what awaits just across the threshold, the fear of the unknown.

And here’s the thing, it’s all in your head.

While fear of the unknown may have kept our ancestors safe, for modern folks, it might just hold you back from the greatest adventure of your life. A simple way to overcome the challenge of fear is to focus on what you can gain rather than what you may lose. After all, emotional discomfort and subsequent triumph inspires personal growth.

Let’s get growing and face down the fear of the unknown together at Skydive Perris today!

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