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4 Ways Skydiving Can Change Your Life

June 11, 2018 3:33 pm Published by

Can skydiving change your life? The answer is, unequivocally, yes.

Our world is moderated by patterns of perception: we discern a “regularity” and then apply it to everything. Unwittingly, we allow these views to influence and shape how we act. Skydiving is a life changing experience because it ‘flips the script’ on these structured expectations. Just as all that glitters is not gold, often these regularities and expectations turn out to be false. The reasons why skydiving is a life changing experience will vary some from person to person because of the different journeys we are on, but here are four of the ways skydiving can change your life.

1. Say Hello to the Real You

Self-assessment is a psychological process whereby an individual begins to assess aspects that are important to their identity. Studies in social psychology have revealed that often when people practice self-assessment their primary concern is to determine if their self-view is accurate. Maybe it is time you finally learn just who you are?

Maybe you have been a wallflower for a while; maybe you have always been the timid one; maybe you have often been the person to bow your head and throw in the towel early. Ever wonder if there is something a bit more beneath the surface? Do you wonder if within you is someone a bit bolder? We are betting that there is. Skydiving is life changing because you can finally meet the empowered you that has been lying dormant. By taming your feelings of trepidation, you are able to see just how strong you can be.

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2. F.E.A.R: Face Everything And Rise

The unknown often rouses feelings of alarm. You may be surprised to know that these feelings of panic are actually a direct route to positive personal development. By letting go of control and actively facing fear, you will be able to finally understand what fear really means. Fear can be what holds you back, or it can be what helps to set you free. Skydiving may push you to the limit of your comfort zone, but the reward is well worth it.

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3. Fountain Effect

The nerve you muster to jump from a plane is not going to be an isolated reaction. Skydiving is an experience that will help you to harness courage. Soon you will see the same capacity for courage spilling over into other areas of your life. If you’ve been able to jump from a plane, asking your boss for the raise you deserve doesn’t seem like such a big deal, now does it?

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4. Crystal Clear View

From up above the earth, everything comes into perspective a bit more clearly. At altitude, the view of the land miniaturized but somehow so vast beneath you helps to remind you of the grandeur of the world and allows you to take comfort in the duality of it all: the great is small. But it isn’t just the altitude that is helping you to see the world differently and adding a bit of clarity to your perspective. Tandem skydiving is an exercise of trust. Trust in yourself and trust in your instructor. It really is a beautiful reminder of the bond we all share.

older woman smiles excitedly while skydiving with instructor

Skydivers are often asked why they would jump from perfectly good airplanes. It is because the experience of skydiving is worth the mitigated risk that jumping presents. Skydiving changes lives. If you are interested in finding out firsthand how life changing skydiving really is, head to Skydive Perris. We are happy to show you.

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