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Cheers To Local Skydive Perris Teams

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The 2017 USPA National Skydiving Championships is just around the corner, AND – we are the host! We couldn’t be more thrilled to hold the largest skydiving event in the nation right in our own backyard. It’s an exciting time when teams from around the country come out and show their stuff, vying for the top spots. This year is also a special year as this event will determine the teams that will be invited by the national organization to represent the USA at the next World Meet! With all the excitement and commotion, we want to take a minute to thank all of the local teams training at Skydive Perris. We appreciate your support and will be in the front rows cheering you on!

4-Way FS

Perris 4Ce (Advanced) Grace Katz – Sandra Van Der Bilt – K Lynn Mackinson – Shannon Catalano – Lori Eyler (Camera)

Photo by Lori Eyler

Perris Event Horizon (Advanced) Terry Dauplaise – Anders Mattsen – Erik Prime – Celine Pelletier – John Legge (Camera)

Photo by Dennis Sattler

Perris Feathers  (Intermediate) Grace Katz (player/coach) – Christina Chan – Rebecca Leung – Kellie Infante – Alex Sarmiento (Camera)

Perris Quattro (Advanced) – Keith Fenech – Andrea L. Curthoys – Christina Deglau – Mike Deglau – Jason Reis (Camera)

Photo by Jason Reis

QuickSilver (Advanced) – Kate Cooper-Jensen – Carsten Cooper-Jensen – Pyia Navanugraha – Amy Haass – Gary Haass (Camera)

Photo by Kevin Kierce

Perris Dauntless Five (Advanced) – Cathy Coon – Dan Pillasch – Jason Russel – Steven Walker – David Kerr (Camera)

Photo by David Kerr

Perris Fource Majeure – Keith Conner – Josh Ratcliff – Marty Kail – Erica Westcott – Rochelle Price (camera)

4get Tunnel – Tara Welfle – Kelly Saltern – Carl Schwenk – Doug Pinkham – Mike Teague “Tickle” (camera)

Photo by Lori Eyler

8-Way FS

Perris Air Sharks (Advanced) – Bob Bonitz – Cathy Coon – Shannon Catalano – Steve Briggs – Dan Pillasch – Mary SantAngelo – Christina Deglau – Mike Deglau – Kevin Kierce (Camera)

Photo by Celine Pelltier

10-Way FS

Perris X – Dave Schrager – Bonnie Buenaflor – Dan Stauffer – Jim Siaz – Josh Ratcliff – Keith Conner – Kelly Saltern – Laura Tyler – Rebecca Leung – Raider Ramstad – Kevin Kierce (camera)

Perris Sharkettes – Danielle Barlow – Cat Isrigg – Yo Owyeong – Beth Short – Stephanie Baptiste – Shannon Catalano – Lori Eyler – Riley Marshall – Selena Jones – Marty Jones – Beau Riebe (camera)

4Q – Johnny “the Exterminator” Bateman – David “Hallelujah” Ehmann – Jerry “Scary” Elliott – Dave “Hacksaw” Halverson – Marty “Killer” Kail – Jeff “Moyer” Laun – Richard “the Polish Hammer” Luczak – Gene “Mean” Pomiak – Erik “Pastis” – Prime Adrian “Irish Car Bomb” Spence (+camera)

16-Way FS

Perris Teamsters Union  – Erik Prime – Terry Dauplaise – Anders Mattson – Jason Russell – Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld – Christy Frikken – Grace Katz – Dave Shrager – Christina Dealau – Steven Briggs – Dan Pillasch – Kate Cooper-Jensen – Carsten Cooper-Jensen – Mike Deglau – Cat Isgrigg – Steven Walker – Zak Winoker – Kevin Kierce (camera)

Photo by George Katsoulis

Blocksmixteen (All women) – Tara Welfle – Jill Stephenson – Alix Hubbard – Montana Miller – Shireen Khavari – Lori Eyler – Sandra Van Der Bilt – Kat Mack (Lynn Mackinson) – Celine Pelletier – Shannon Catalano – Kelly Saltern – Cheryl Morgan – Jessica ‘Spieleer’ Haugaard – Genifer Oliver – Ginger Kuhlman – Marian Canas – Terry Weatherford (camera) – BACKUPS IN ORDER OF ACCEPTANCE: Janet Lundquist – Lacey Breaux – Christy Hite – Erin Orwig


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