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Skydiving When it’s Hot: 4 Things You Need to Know

August 21, 2019 9:00 am Published by

You’ll love the pumping energy of a summertime dropzone. The sky is clear, the wind swirling and the views majestic. Summer is the official season of skydiving, and for good reason: when it’s scorching hot on the ground, it’s perfect at altitude! When you arrive at Skydive Perris for a skydiving experience, whether it’s your first jump or returning for your 10,000th, expect to share the plane with all  of our amazing friends there for the same purpose — to pile into one of our eight big, beautiful planes, pull off aerial acrobatics and land safely before relaxing for the rest of the day by our pool. 

Los Angeles-area skydivers have known this about Skydive Perris since we opened almost half a century ago. We offer a great way to escape the summer heat when our planes take you up to 13,000 feet. If you’re looking for the ultimate summer adventure with a beautiful Southern California backdrop, then a skydive is right for you. And we have the tips to make it happen.

1. Dress for success

Bring layers, as odd as that sounds when it’s sweltering hot on the ground. Sure, wear a tank-top on your way here or during check-in, but bring a thin layer to throw over that and stave off the cool temperature at altitude. Don’t worry about wearing too many layers either, because you’ll have a buffer between yourself and the tandem skydiving harness. By wearing long sleeves, you’ve also helped protect yourself from the strong ultraviolet radiation and sunburn.

Also, note that sweat beads will likely appear. Skydiving is considered a sport for a reason, and on top of that it’s going to be hot out! Attempting to maintain your balance and hold different poses in the air is strenuous and works more muscles than it may seem, just as if you were biking or running for a period of time. If your plans include going somewhere after the jump that you wouldn’t happily stroll into straight from the gym, bring along a change of clothes and use one of our showers.

2. Stay hydratedskydiving pair reaches terminal velocity

Hydration is one of the most important parts of the skydiving experience. Athletes don’t show up to practices or games without drinking before, because they won’t perform at an optimal level and will harm their bodies in the process. The first few minutes might go smoothly, but extreme exhaustion will soon kick in. 

The same goes for skydiving. In addition to eating something light before takeoff, we also recommend constructing a hydration plan leading up to your jump. With all the adrenaline running through your body — whether it’s from the suspense build-up during the airplane’s climb or after your feet leave the plane and are floating — it’s imperative that fluids are in your system. We do have an amazing bar and grill right here on campus that serves iced soft drinks and adult beverages, but save the adult beverages for after the jump.

However, avoid the soda and juice. That’s not hydrating. Water has always been the best method to avoid dehydration, and it’s easy to stay on top of. That way, you’ll be firing on all cylinders for your entire skydiving experience. 

3. Jump early, if you can.

The cooler air in the morning here at Skydive Perris is noticeably smoother than the air in the afternoons. Take advantage of that pro knowledge, especially if you know you struggle with motion sickness — or if you’d just like your introduction to the sky to be a smooth one.

Also, jumping early means more time to check out everything else we have to offer. If you’re nervous about skydiving, relieve the stresses early with a morning jump; that way, you can navigate the rest of your day worry-free.

4. Take full advantage of the amenities only Skydive Perris can offer.

Swimming pool? We have one. Bar and grill with a scenic view? That too. Indoor skydiving wind tunnel? Just a few steps away. That’s why it’s best to plan a whole day with us; there’s simply too much to do, and a few hours at Skydive Perris isn’t enough.

But make sure to book your skydiving trip long in advance, since our slots fill up quickly. After all, a picturesque view of Los Angeles from airplane-level is tempting and our expert staff makes it smooth, even for those dealing with nerves. Embrace all of our facilities and resources, and contact us today to begin your skydiving experience.

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