Skydive Perris Wingsuit Organizers

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Taya Weiss

Taya is a pioneer in wingsuit skydiving and coaching.  She holds a USPA Coach rating and is a Wingsuit Coach Examiner for Squirrel Suits and TonySuits. Taya has been the lead organizer and a participant in the largest wingsuit formations in the world, including the current 2015 FAI World Record. She was one of the first to develop a new discipline she named XRW (“Extreme Relative Work”), docking with a high-performance parachute pilot while wearing a wingsuit in freefall. Taya has a BA magna cum laudefrom Harvard University and a Master in International Relations from Princeton University. 

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Lawrence de Laubadere

Lawrence has several gold medals from USPA National competitions in Mixed Formation Skydiving and Artistic Freefly. He regularly trains and coaches freeflying in vertical wind tunnels. In addition to holding USPA Coach and Accelerated Freefall instructional ratings, he has participated in multiple state, national and world freefly and wingsuit records, and he enjoys big-wall BASE jumping for fun. Lawrence has a BA from Ohio State University and a Certificate in Global Affairs from New York University.

Kyle Lobpries

With a day job as a US Marine Corps Captain, Kyle’s experience as a pilot helped him progress quickly in wingsuit skydiving, and his professional background contributes to his excellent coaching and teaching skills. He holds USPA Coach and Accelerated Freefall ratings. Passionate about performance, he set a new world record for the longest wingsuit flight (18.8 miles/30.3 km) and time of fall (8 minutes, 27 seconds) on Memorial Day, May 30th, 2016.

Scotty Bob Morgan

Scotty Bob is one of the most recognized wingsuit pilots in the world for his achievements in the BASE environment. With his analytical approach to flying big wingsuits and his well documented adventures in terrain flying, he is dedicated to bringing more knowledge and process to what is now an under-coached discipline within wingsuiting. He’s kind of a big deal, and we’re happy to have him based at Skydive Perris. Catch him when you can!

Matt Blank

A highly experienced BASE jumper, climber, and skydiving instructor, Matt brings finely tuned adrenaline management skills and relaxed, confidence-inspiring demeanor to his wingsuit coaching. He holds USPA Coach and Accelerated Freefall instructor ratings and is an accomplished stunt performer. He blogs eloquently about the jumping life on his website,

Dan Dupuis

Dan Dupuis gave up his job at Apple, packed up his life as a New England seasonal skydiver, and moved to Skydive Perris to become a wingsuit coach and photographer. Skilled at shooting complex subjects both in the air and on the ground, he will make you look good no matter what. See his work at

Randy Seib

Randy is a dedicated wingsuit coach and load organizer holding a USPA Coach rating. From tracking suits to acrobatic flying, his passion and talent shine through, making him a fun and attentive teacher. When he’s not at the dropzone he works as a contractor helping people to build their dream homes. If you love our team room at Skydive Perris (we do!), you can give Randy a high-five.

Heather Harer

Heather is an accomplished bigway skydiver in both wingsuiting and belly flying. Holding a world record for the 2015 61-way wingsuit formation at Skydive Perris, she loves bringing new birds into the flock. When she isn’t at the dropzone, she spends her weekdays working full-time for Boeing while pursuing an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Johnny Korthuis

Johnny hails from Alberta, Canada, where he fell in love with multiple adventure sports at a young age. Accomplished at gymnastics, parkour and free-running, mountain biking, BASE jumping, climbing, and skydiving, he brings a strong training background to his wingsuit coaching practice. His home on the web is