For skydiving, Southern California is the mecca. Year-round great weather and a super-keen community have made SoCal one of the world’s most historic skydiving regions—in fact, around half a century of skydiving history lives right here on the West coast. There are lots of Southern California dropzones sprinkled around here to take advantage of the fabulous location, the mild climate, the seasonal cycles and the burgeoning ranks of new and experienced skydivers.

Indeed, there are lots of choices claiming to offer the best skydiving in Southern California—but the name most synonymous with skydiving in the region is Skydive Perris. Skydivers love Skydive Perris! Here’s why.

We Fly The Best Stuff.

Our fleet of aircraft knocks skydivers’ socks off—both brand-new and experienced jumpers alike. They’re the Rolls Royces of the skydiving industry—in the world, really. Our planes are bigger, more comfortable, faster and easier to exit from than pretty much everything else in the sky, and we take care of them like family. That may seem snobby, but it’s the kind of snobbery that we—and our customers—can really get behind.

We Attract The Best People.

Because our location and facilities (Bar and grill! Massive landing area! Pool! Bunkhouse! Etcetera!) are so good, we’re downright spoiled with the people who spend their time with us. The people that make up the Perris community include some of the most celebrated skydivers in the history of the sport—including today’s biggest names. These folks are out here every day, coaching, working with students and actively developing their own athletic pursuits. We’re so proud of the Perris family; it’s an incredible group to be a part of.

We Do The Hollywood Thing Really Well.

When Hollywood needs a major stunt, it’s the phones at Skydive Perris that start ringing. We’ve done hundreds of ‘em, and our staff has been an integral part of these productions on both the stunt performance and coordination sides. Remarkably, these guys and gals have managed to keep a level head about all of that; you’ll rarely hear anyone bragging about it, so we’ll go ahead and do that part for them.

We Have An On-site Wind Tunnel.

This is a luxury that only a few DZ’s in the world have. If you know, you know—and if you haven’t been in the wind tunnel? Well. Pop in for an intro, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. You’ll be an instant, raving fan.

We Do Everything We Do With Consummate Professionalism.

Skydive Perris has hosted Southern California skydiving guests for 40 years for great reason. We owe a lot of our excellent word-of-mouth and multiple-repeat clientele to our warm, professional approach, and we’d like to extend that same welcome to you.

Book your Southern California skydive with Skydive Perris today or contact us with any questions you have.