Military Freefall Operations

Skydive Perris has an ideal mix of capabilities and experience to exceed the government’s expectations and deliver the finest in Military Free Fall High Altitude Low Opening/High Altitude High Opening (HALO/HAHO) Sustainment Training in support of USASOC.

USASOC HALO/HAHO Capability Overview

Skydive Perris has the capability and years of experience in all the
following areas and more:

  • Basic Military Free Fall training, slick and combat equipment
  • Basic Military Free Fall training in the wind tunnel, slick and combat equipment
  • Static line training
  • Advanced freefall training to a level so that each person has the ability to fly in close proximity to the others in both slick and combat set ups
  • Basic and advanced canopy flying training to a level so that each person has the ability to fly in close proximity to the others while landing within 100 feet from each other and the chosen target
  • Night jumps, slick and combat equipment
  • Night accuracy
  • Competition accuracy
  • Competition formation skydiving
  • Canopy relative work


Perris is unique in the fact that it has its very own Chief Instructor of Military Operations whose sole responsibility is to help and assist with all military business that passes through our facility. Tony completed 24 years in the British Army retiring in March of 2009 where he then took up his position here in Perris. Tony has been using the facilities here for the past 12 years where he would bring large groups over from the UK and put them through arduous adventurous training for 2 weeks at a time. He also holds both USPA and BPA (British Parachute Association) qualifications which include BPA – Advanced Instructor / Examiner, AFF Instructor / Examiner, Canopy Piloting Coach, Canopy Handling Coach, Formation Skydiving Coach and Canopy Formation Coach. USPA – AFF Instructor, Coach and Safety and Training Advisor. Having Tony here with dual qualifications has now opened the door to allow visiting military groups not just from the US but also from the UK and other European countries to have the opportunity to plan such adventurous / continuous training expeditions without the worry of having to bring their own instructors. For further information regarding any military visit whether for first time students or at an experienced level please contact Tony at email hidden; JavaScript is required where he will be more than happy to help and assist with any administration and logistic burdens that you may encounter on your way.