A Fail-Proof Gift to Impress Your Valentine

What’s the only thing to rival the feeling of falling for someone? Falling with someone, naturally! That makes a shared skydiving experience the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give. And--because we’re hopelessly in love with love--we’re offering a special Valentine's promotion that will put an end to your quest for unique Valentine gift ideas. [...]

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Interview With Craig O’Brien

There's a name synonymous with Skydive Perris and stunning photography - that's Craig O'Brien. He's versed in many different skydiving disciplines, has been involved in many Hollywood flicks, and has been a long time resident of Skydive Perris. Craig is an approachable, laid-back family man often found on the DZ touting around impressive cameras on [...]

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A Different Kind of Adventure: Bungee Jumping!

Give the Gift of Bungee Jumping for Christmas and all of 2018! You've gone skydiving... NOW... it's time to bungee jump off the Bridge to Nowhere! Thanks to our friends at Bungee America, we have an incredible deal for you! Two Bungee Jumps for the Price of One Regular Price     $149 Your Price    [...]

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What Is XRW?

Photo credit (above): Dan Dupuis In skydiving, several of our disciplines have the word “relative” in the title. “Relative Work” (or “RW”) is the word we use to describe “flat” jumps--where all the jumpers are oriented belly-to-earth, and the goal is to move relative to each other to take grips and make shapes. “Canopy Relative [...]

Top 5 Fun Things To Do While Skydiving

Photo credit (above): Dennis Sattler What’s even cooler than falling miles out of the sky with a huge smile on your face? Falling miles out the sky with a mission that’s as awesome as it is insane. We get up to a lot of wacky hijinks on any given skydive, and we’re here to share [...]

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Why Are There Weight Limits For Skydiving?

The skydiving weight limit stops lots of people dead in their tracks when they first start looking at the idea of making their first jump. For tandem and AFF skydiving at Skydive Perris, the weight limit is 240 pounds. There are no exceptions, and you’ll be weighed when you arrive. That sounds so harsh, doesn’t [...]

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Our Best Holiday Special – EVER!

Skydive Perris - the land where skydivers dreams come to fruition! We're honored that many call us the Mecca as we just simply love to welcome people to this incredible community, and have a long history in doing so. We've proud to say we've evolved from a small little airport to one of the busiest skydiving [...]

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Why We Love Jumping From Hot Air Balloons

Photo credit (above): Craig O'Brien There’s no mistaking it: Skydiving out of hot air balloons is most definitely a Thing. In fact, people have been parachuting from hot air balloons since shortly after the Montgolfier brothers invented them. During World War I--a century ago!--hot air balloons were used as warships, and hundreds of pilots saved [...]

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What Every Newly Licensed Skydiver Should Know

Photo credit (above): Dennis Sattler It’s not easy to be new in this sport. I know. I’ve been there. And guess what? So have all of the rest of us, from the dudemanbro whose wingsuit videos you gawk over to the tandem master who told jokes to the back of your head as you were [...]

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Are The Risks Of Skydiving Worth It?

The risks of skydiving give a lot of folks serious pause. And you know what? They should. If you’re conducting your own skydiving risk assessment before you decide to make that jump, you should be commended. After all, this sport is all about a careful evaluation of your decisions and making a metered, mindful approach [...]

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