A series of articles on skydiving safety by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

What Happens If A Parachute Fails To Open On A Skydive?

At this point, you’ve probably watched enough skydiving videos to have seen dozens of parachutes blossom open against the big, blue sky. Over and over again, you hear that signature crisp snap and a square of bright nylon appears, like magic, to drift the grinning pair of parachutists safely down to the grassy field below. [...]

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Is Tandem Skydiving Safe?

How safe is skydiving? It’s one of the first questions you ask as a first-time tandem skydiver, and rightly so--after all, the idea of stepping out the door of a plane in the air is more than a little daunting. Will you really make it back to the ground in one (happy) piece? Here we [...]

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How Dangerous is Tandem Skydiving?

Each year, millions of thrill seekers from all over the world experience skydiving for the very first time. The majority of these 'first jumps' are made in tandem with a professional skydiver and have allowed people to experience our fantastic sport without having to go through the extensive training required to become a licensed skydiver. [...]

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10 Important Moments in Skydiving History

10 Important Moments in Skydiving History Skydiving has evolved significantly since the first parachute was designed back in the 1480s. Today, sport skydiving exists as a hobby, participated in by thousands of skydivers across the globe, and tandem skydiving appears on most people’s bucket lists. Here are ten key moments in skydiving history that brought [...]

SAFETY DAY – March 12th 2016

SEMINAR SCHEDULE 9:00- APPROACHING SKYDIVING SAFELY In case you forgot, skydiving is not a safe sport. It's a dangerous sport we can do safely. Let's talk about how to do that. Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld 11:00- YOU ARE ONLY AS SAFE AS YOUR EQUIPMENT Master Rigger Marty Jones will run through everything you know, don't know, should [...]


When, where, why and how did you make your first skydive? My first jump was back on May 15th 1998 in Taft, CA. Air Adventures West. It was a tandem jump. A few days short of my 30th birthday a small group of friends […]

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How well do you know your emergency procedures? I’m asking the question because it has become a big issue in the sport. Most skydivers perform their Emergency Procedures (EPs) correctly if asked to demonstrate them. Most can write down the correct answer if taking a written test. But have you trained them to the point [...]

The Question To Ask When Choosing The Right Skydiving Canopy

As a DZ Manager of Skydive Perris, I am often approached by jumpers for my thoughts on selecting the right skydiving canopy. The common question I hear is “What should I downsize to?” As if the best canopy is the smallest one that we can get away with. That is definitely not the right question [...]

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"Is swooping more dangerous than other types of skydiving?" That was the question put to me by a reporter. I was stumped for the right answer. "Uh, well, sort of. Sometimes it is. Depends who is doing it...." None of these answers were going to work for a response. As a DZO you have to [...]

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Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is not a normal thing to do. It takes a special kind of person to make that first jump and an even more special person to become a skydiver. We are people from all walks of life who share an intense and unusual passion for human flight. The [...]

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