Skydiving done in the belly position to accomplish AFF requirements, big ways, 4-way competition formations, 8-way competition formations, and 16-way competition formations.

Looking Forward to the 2018 Events!

We have prepared an amazing array of events for you this spring and summer! Whatever your favorite discipline is, you will certainly find your match in our upcoming events! MARCH We begin the spring with a special worth noting! During the month of March, Skydive Perris is offering a tandem promotion for $149 and the [...]

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What Is XRW?

Photo credit (above): Dan Dupuis In skydiving, several of our disciplines have the word “relative” in the title. “Relative Work” (or “RW”) is the word we use to describe “flat” jumps--where all the jumpers are oriented belly-to-earth, and the goal is to move relative to each other to take grips and make shapes. “Canopy Relative [...]

A Week of World Records

"You don't get quit skydiving because you get old. You get old because you quit skydiving!" - Bill Wood Starting last weekend, the Skydivers Over Sixty (SOS),  the Women Skydiver's Over Sixty (WSOS), and the Jumpers Over Seventy (JOS) came in full force for an incredible week of skydiving here at Skydive Perris. Seven World Records [...]

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Kate Cooper and the Beginnings of P3

The name “P3” is synonymous with relative work legends, Kate Cooper-Jensen, Tony Domenico and our very own Dropzone Manager, Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld [BC]. This weekend they bring back another one of their infamous, well-organized events that bring in jumpers from around the world to sharpen their big way skills. We recently sat down with Kate Cooper-Jensen [...]

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People of Perris: Mark Brown

If you've jumped at Skydive Perris for any length of time then you've met Mark Brown. Mark loves skydiving and helping others improve their skills. In this month's People of Perris segment, we sat down with Mark and asked him the tough questions. ;-) SPV: When, where, why and how did you make your first skydive? [...]

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SAFETY DAY – March 12th 2016

SEMINAR SCHEDULE 9:00- APPROACHING SKYDIVING SAFELY In case you forgot, skydiving is not a safe sport. It's a dangerous sport we can do safely. Let's talk about how to do that. Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld 11:00- YOU ARE ONLY AS SAFE AS YOUR EQUIPMENT Master Rigger Marty Jones will run through everything you know, don't know, should [...]


When, where, why and how did you make your first skydive? My first jump was back on May 15th 1998 in Taft, CA. Air Adventures West. It was a tandem jump. A few days short of my 30th birthday a small group of friends […]

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Tunnel league was rocking last Saturday at the Perris tunnel! Eighteen people competed including a surprise drop in from Dan BC. Participants were guzzling Go Fast and wide-eyed as they awaited their turn to execute the fast-paced FS (Formation Skydiving) dives. Lots of spectators dropped by to watch the live action which was full of [...]

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Christy Frikken is a highly successful competitive 4-way skydiver and skydiving coach based out of Skydive Perris. When, where, why and how did you make your first skydive? Ranch 2001 tandem skydive. How many total jumps do you have now? About 12,500. How many hours do you estimate to have flown in the wind tunnel? [...]

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How well do you know your emergency procedures? I’m asking the question because it has become a big issue in the sport. Most skydivers perform their Emergency Procedures (EPs) correctly if asked to demonstrate them. Most can write down the correct answer if taking a written test. But have you trained them to the point [...]