Is Indoor Skydiving Scary?

A lot of people decide to try indoor skydiving because the outdoor version involves falling thousands of feet out the door of a plane, and they’re not entirely sure they’re up for it. We absolutely understand that perspective. If you’re feeling tentative about the idea of taking flight, you might be wondering, exactly, how scary [...]

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Why Kids LOVE Indoor Skydiving

Who remembers wanting to fly? Maybe the desire was inspired by watching Peter Pan or Superman glide across the sky or maybe it originated in your dreams on the silver screen of your eyelids as you watched yourself lifted far above buildings and soaring. Really, it seems like the desire for flight is almost archetypal. [...]

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Why Are Indoor Skydiving Flights Only One Minute

You want to ride the wind, to float free, to experience the excitement of flight, and have decided indoor skydiving is the way to go. So, you begin investigating and start to think that the First Time Flyer packages we offer at Perris Indoor Skydiving may be the best way to make that dream a [...]

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Stay, Play & Fly!

Lean on in, here. We’ll tell you a really well-kept secret. Y’know the skydiving dropzone? That airfield where all the planes with the clear plastic doors live? The alternate universe where everybody walks around in half-unzipped jumpsuits all the time, talking about nylon? It’s not just for skydiving. Sounds crazy, right? Well: we’re here to [...]

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Differences of Skydiving vs Indoor Skydiving

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor skydiving? There are, as a matter of fact, lots of interesting little differences and parallels between these two sister sports. The first time we heard someone refer to “outdoor skydiving” on the dropzone, we knew we needed to write up a little primer, so here it goes: the [...]

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The Greatest Gamers Jump with the Greatest Skydivers

Last month, Skydive Perris was thrilled to introduce the members of Team SoloMid, North America's best gaming squad, to the world of skydiving! Watch Red Bull Air Force member and world renowned skydiver  Jon DeVore  prepare the team of professional gamers to step outside their comfort zone and experienced the freedom of flight!

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Fly with Santa Claus!

Forget the mall this holiday season! Let your kids fly with Santa and capture a Christmas memory they'll never forget! Now through Christmas, Perris Indoor Skydiving is offering special holiday photos with Santa, Superman, Batman, or one of Santa's Elves at no additional charge. All you need to do is call ahead and let us [...]

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The Pizza Party Is Dead

Hey, parents! Tired of scouring the internet for best kids birthday party ideas? It ain’t easy, getting older, is it? And by that, of course, we mean that it ain’t easy when your kids get a year older. The pressure looms to nail those milestones into the permanent record with The Best Birthday Party Of All [...]

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Is Indoor Skydiving Dangerous?

We get this question a lot from first time flyers -- how dangerous is indoor skydiving? Learning to fly must involve some risks, right? If you’ve ever attempted to self-mentor--say, by jumping off the roof holding a sheet overhead, by launching yourself off the swingset in an ill-fated arc or by taking a particularly Evel-Knievel [...]

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How Much is Indoor Skydiving?

It’s a totally normal question, and we get it all the time when we invite people to come around and play in the wind tunnel with us. “ much is indoor skydiving?” Our favorite way to answer: “How much what is it?” Because you see, tunnel flying is a big, beautiful, complicated beast that deserves [...]

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