The art of flying one’s canopy for more than simply getting from the end of a skydive to the ground. This discipline encompasses canopy relative work, canopy flocking, XRW, classic accuracy, and swooping.

What Is XRW?

Photo credit (above): Dan Dupuis In skydiving, several of our disciplines have the word “relative” in the title. “Relative Work” (or “RW”) is the word we use to describe “flat” jumps--where all the jumpers are oriented belly-to-earth, and the goal is to move relative to each other to take grips and make shapes. “Canopy Relative [...]

10 Important Moments in Skydiving History

10 Important Moments in Skydiving History Skydiving has evolved significantly since the first parachute was designed back in the 1480s. Today, sport skydiving exists as a hobby, participated in by thousands of skydivers across the globe, and tandem skydiving appears on most people’s bucket lists. Here are ten key moments in skydiving history that brought [...]

What is an AFF Skydiving Course?

AFF is the most popular skydiving course to learn to skydive. Each year, we welcome hundreds of budding skydivers to our skydiving school near Los Angeles. Here’s everything you need to know about AFF and whether it's right for you. Accelerated Freefall The accelerated freefall (AFF) program is a specially designed 8 level program to [...]

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SAFETY DAY – March 12th 2016

SEMINAR SCHEDULE 9:00- APPROACHING SKYDIVING SAFELY In case you forgot, skydiving is not a safe sport. It's a dangerous sport we can do safely. Let's talk about how to do that. Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld 11:00- YOU ARE ONLY AS SAFE AS YOUR EQUIPMENT Master Rigger Marty Jones will run through everything you know, don't know, should [...]


How well do you know your emergency procedures? I’m asking the question because it has become a big issue in the sport. Most skydivers perform their Emergency Procedures (EPs) correctly if asked to demonstrate them. Most can write down the correct answer if taking a written test. But have you trained them to the point [...]

The Question To Ask When Choosing The Right Skydiving Canopy

As a DZ Manager of Skydive Perris, I am often approached by jumpers for my thoughts on selecting the right skydiving canopy. The common question I hear is “What should I downsize to?” As if the best canopy is the smallest one that we can get away with. That is definitely not the right question [...]

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Rob Wallace is a skydiving instructor and competitive canopy pilot based at Skydive Perris and talks to us about his skydiving experiences thus far. When, where, why and how did you make your first skydive? I made my first jump, a tandem, at Skydive Cross Keys in Williamstown, NJ. I remember seeing it on TV [...]

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Everyone who has made a Skydive agrees, there is nothing that compares to that first jump. You take the class, sit through the video and watch lots of people jump before you get in the plane. But even with the training and preparation, your first skydive is still the ultimate “leap of faith”. You tried [...]


Many people who don’t jump have a funny, stereotype impression of skydivers. Some think we are a subculture of young, adrenalin junkies with a disregard for life who enjoy pushing the limits on every jump. Many of the movies that involve skydiving have not only backed that impression up, but have taken it a step [...]