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Photo by Dennis Sattler

Photo by Dennis Sattler

Welcome to the most epic, Easter Boogie ever! This year, we’ve got it all!

NO BOOGIE FEES… Yes, you read that correctly. We repeat… No Boogie Rego Fee!

Firstly let’s begin with our Load Organizers:

Load Organizers

MARK KIRKBY, the most decorated competitor in the history of Formation Skydiving returns to Skydive Perris and will join the Perris Organizers to take FS jumpers at every level on some great skydives.                                                                                                                                                       

TAYA WEISS, VAL SOBOL, and the Lightning Flight team will be showing Wing Suiters the latest and greatest in Formation and Backflying!

CHRISTY FRIKKEN – *Get ready for the Nationals*.  Christy will be here to coach and help out any and all 4 and  8way teams.

*You’d Rather Freefly?  ROBERTA MANCINO, CARSON HILL AND DAVE HEBERT are waiting for you.

(Some guy named  Dan BC will be goofing off on the drop zone doing who knows what.) With a gang like this you never know what kind of hybrid, XRW or other madness may ensue!


Here you go: 3 Twin Otters and 4 Skyvans… and did we mention a Saturday night party and no rego fee?

blue shark plane at skydive perris