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Skydive Perris:

+1 (800) 832-8818

Perris School:

+1 (951) 657-1664

Indoor Skydiving:

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Accelerated Free Fall

AFF 1st Jump Experience &

The Fastest Way To Learn To Skydive


AFF is the fast-track way to learn to skydive! This method of skydiving training is called "accelerated" because the progression is the fastest way to experience solo freefall. AFF students will jump wearing their own parachute system and can graduate from AFF to jump completely solo in as few as eight jumps.


Maximum weight for an AFF skydive is 240lbs.

AFF Students must be height weight proportional.

Anyone weighing over 220lbs must try our equipment on, to ensure proper fitting, before training can begin.

Students weighing over 220lbs must call to make a reservation and please make sure to tell us your weight when you schedule your class or jump.

If you have EVER had a shoulder dislocation we will require written permission from your doctor before you can do an AFF skydive.

You must be over 18 years of age and bring a valid government issued photo ID showing your date of birth. Sorry, No Dogs allowed on the airport.




NOTE: AFF students with more than 30 days since their last skydive must call to make a reservation


Ultimate AFF First Jump Course
The Accelerated Freefall program is made up of eight levels and taking the Ultimate AFF First jump course is the first step in your progression. Skydive Perris is the only West Coast DZ to incorporate the use of a state of the art indoor skydiving simulator into their first jump course. The ground training, which typically takes between 4 and 6 hours includes two flights in our indoor skydiving simulator where you will practice your freefall body position and learn hand signals used to communicate during freefall. The ground school also includes lessons on the parachuting equipment you’ll be using, aircraft procedures, emergency procedures, canopy control and landing techniques. Following the class you will jump from 12,500ft wearing your own parachute system. Two instructors will accompany you on your jump, flying by your side to assist you if necessary during nearly one minute of freefall. You deploy your parachute at 5,000ft and then steer and land

your own parachute with radio assistance.


All Ultimate AFF First Jump courses begin at 8:30AM on weekdays and 7:30AM on

weekends at the skydiving school.


During AFF levels two and three, you will learn new freefall maneuvers with two instructors accompanying you. During AFF levels four through eight, you will learn more advanced freefall skills with one instructor along side you in freefall. Once you have completed all eight levels you will graduate and earn your United States Parachute Association AFF certification!


FREE de-briefing video is provided on AFF levels 4-8 at Skydive Perris, and will be available for you to view online at www.skydiveperrisvideo.com.


Check Out our AFF and "A" license Packages »


We offer video and still photographs of your skydiving experience. A freefall photographer begins by capturing you while you're gearing up, boarding the turbine aircraft, an interview in the airplane while climbing to 12,500 feet, your freefall and landing. We then edit your video to music. It's a fantastic story for you to keep and share with your friends and family. And to remind yourself that you actually did it.



We're open 7 days a week. Weekdays 8:30am-sunset. Weekends 7:30am-sunset. Sorry, No Dogs allowed on the airport.