Safety Day at Skydive Perris

Skydiving is the most unbelievable sport in the world. In all the many disciplines it is closest mankind has come to experiencing true human flight. Skydive Perris is committed to providing the safest school, environment and facility that we possibly can. But safe skydiving comes down to safe skydivers who look out for themselves and [...]

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Perris News from the Desk of Dan BC

2016 was our 40th year of operation. And what an amazing 40 years it’s been!  The 40th-anniversary celebration was a weekend I’ll never forget.  Truly touching, having the opportunity to listen to skydivers from four decades telling stories of what a huge part of their lives Skydive Perris has been.  We are grateful for our [...]

Differences of Skydiving vs Indoor Skydiving

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor skydiving? There are, as a matter of fact, lots of interesting little differences and parallels between these two sister sports. The first time we heard someone refer to “outdoor skydiving” on the dropzone, we knew we needed to write up a little primer, so here it goes: the [...]

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People of Perris: Dan Dupuis

When, where, why and how did you make your first skydive?  My first jump was at Skydive New England in July of 2009.  I was bored and wanted to do a skydive for a long time, so just went and did one.  How did your first jump change your life? Immediately after landing from that [...]

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Now Hiring!

Skydive Perris is looking for an enthusiastic and fun person to join our team of Office Staff at our skydiving school! High levels of customer service skills are required Responsibilities include: Phone & counter sales Manifesting Other office duties Approximately 20-30 hours/week Must be legal to work in the United States Interested? Please send resumes [...]

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