Shark Planes: The Story of Super Blue and Shark Air

What’s the coolest plane to skydive from? The Shark Air Super Otter at Perris, of course! We have lots of planes, but our shark airplanes are skydiver favorites for lots of reasons--not just because of their dashing good looks, either. Here’s the story of our two gorgeous tiburones: Shark Air and Super Blue. Our original [...]

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Why Skydivers Love Night Jumps

Skydivers love a challenge, and skydiving at night certainly counts! Because night jumps are a significant step up in risk, they are not available for first-time tandem skydivers at most dropzones in America--but sport skydivers rub their paws together at the chance to work the edges off of their comfort zones. For experienced skydivers, here’s [...]

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Is Tandem Skydiving Safe?

How safe is skydiving? It’s one of the first questions you ask as a first-time tandem skydiver, and rightly so--after all, the idea of stepping out the door of a plane in the air is more than a little daunting. Will you really make it back to the ground in one (happy) piece? Here we [...]

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The Flying Shoebox

A Brief History of the SkyVan In 2016, we had a special visitor at Perris: the original designer of The Short SC-7 Skyvan. Nicknamed the "Flying Shoebox” for its idiosyncratically rectangular airframe, this 22-seat, twin-turboprop aircraft was manufactured by Short Brothers of Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Skyvan is seldom publicly seen, but we love them [...]

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