How Dangerous is Tandem Skydiving?

Each year, millions of thrill seekers from all over the world experience skydiving for the very first time. The majority of these 'first jumps' are made in tandem with a professional skydiver and have allowed people to experience our fantastic sport without having to go through the extensive training required to become a licensed skydiver. [...]

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People of Perris: Marty Jones

When, where, why and how did you make your first skydive? My first jump was a static line in Barnwell South Carolina March 7 1970. Several notable circumstances of that day are; I was 13 years old (day before my 14th birthday), I made this jump during a solar eclipse using my Mothers high-performance Para [...]

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Skydiving: A Community of Misfits or Happy People?

One of the first things you’ll notice about a skydiving dropzone when you stroll through the gates for the first time is that it is not like any airport you’ve ever visited--and the colorful, nylon-and-cordura-uniformed residents might seem a little strange to you. We’re a lot more fun once you get to know us a [...]

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Why We Don’t Offer Skydiving GroupOns

This year, Skydive Perris proudly begins its 40th anniversary of skydiving. Throughout this extraordinary journey, we’ve seen the sport change dramatically in equipment, training, safety procedures, types of skydiving and even the business of running a skydiving center. As times have changed, we’ve adapted to ensure we continue to be an industry leader and one [...]

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