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10 Important Moments in Skydiving History

10 Important Moments in Skydiving History Skydiving has evolved significantly since the first parachute was designed back in the 1480s. Today, sport skydiving exists as a hobby, participated in by thousands of skydivers across the globe, and tandem skydiving appears on most people’s bucket lists. Here are ten key moments in skydiving history that brought [...]

Indoor Skydiving Los Angeles: How It Works

Indoor skydiving is the closest thing you’ll get to actually jumping out of a plane. If you’re a little nervous of outdoor skydiving, or too young to do it yet, flying in a wind tunnel is ideal for you. It’s also used as a training tool for skydivers and is so different from its outdoor [...]

By |May 13th, 2016|Skydiving|

What is AFF and Is It For You?

AFF is the most popular option to learn to skydive. Each year, we welcome hundreds of budding skydivers to learn skydiving near Los Angeles. Here’s everything you need to know about AFF. Accelerated Freefall The accelerated freefall (AFF) program is a specially designed 8 level program to fast track you to jumping solo! AFF stands [...]

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